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Board of Directors

Bob and Kay VanFleteren have three grown sons and three grandchildren. Kay is a nurse and has always had a heart for the poor. Bob brings 30 years of strategic development expertise, business leadership, and church leadership. They’ve led numerous teams to Haiti and have been instrumental in missions leadership in Russia, Africa, and Latin America, as well.

Kerri Brann is the head of Operations and Missions at The Refuge Church in Spring Hill, TN. She is a young mother with a passion for prayer, matched with a generous and strong servant’s heart.

Katie Jackson is the head of Children’s Ministry at The Refuge Church in Spring Hill, TN. She has a natural and abiding love for children and brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the team.

Kris and Lisa Gernentz have one adult daughter living in Europe.  They have been actively involved with Trezò for several years, especially with regard to the Goat Program.  Kris is a businessman and strong strategic thinker; Lisa is a loving and compassionate nurse.


Sydney McGinnis is a fun and creative young college graduate with a deep love for the people of Haiti.. An at-large board member who manages much of Trezo’s communications and social media, Sydney has made numerous trips to Haiti and sponsors one of our students.


Josh VanFleteren is a sponsor and a successful financial planner in the Greater Birmingham (AL) area.  He has been to Haiti several times and he brings  a strong strategic mind, optimism and enthusiasm to the organization.

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