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Sponsor A Child

Here are some of the dozens of children at Espwa des Jeunes school waiting for a sponsor.

It costs about $31/month (a dollar a day) to educate and feed a child at Espwa des Jeunes school. We are looking for those who would like to partner with us to sponsor one or more children. Please prayerfully consider if one of these “treasures” has your heart.

CLICK one of the children here and email us the name!

Christela Bauzile.jpg
Christell Jean Pierre   Success.jpg
Djenika Delice.jpg
Geride Thibeaud.jpg

Christela Bauzile

Christell Jean Pierre

Djenika Delice

Geride Thibeaud

Djeunica Pierre

Robson Duce.jpg

Robson Duce

Juan Pablo Bastiern.jpg

Juan Pablo Bastiern

Ruth Samantha Charles.jpg

Ruth Samantha Charles

Kenson Michel.jpg

Kenson Michel

Sheedline Moise.jpg

Sheedline Moise

Ralph Bauzile.jpg

Ralph Bauzile

Wilkens Saint Louis.jpg

Wilkens Saint Louis

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